"A "Fancy Disaster" is anyone that spends their paycheck on fabulous clothes & shaping their style; just to realize they should have also paid a bill or two... oops!"

This was a joke amongst my best friend, Kierra & I, starting in 2002 and still rings true to this day... who needs a savings account anyway? We were both sales reps for a multi-line showroom in downtown LA, selling upper-end contemporary women's clothing and accessory. We would be wearing $300 jeans and be searching the back of our cars for change in order to buy lunch. We would pair expensive name-brand items with vintage pieces, maybe a handmade belt and our grandmothers jewelry and off we'd go to boggle the fashion world. Our friendship, unique and sometimes quirky, style and love for vintage is what spawned this whole thing. 
I launched the website first in "our name" in 2008, she was living in San Francisco at the time, which felt like a world away. Then came the ETSY store in early 2009. I added a new hobby in mid 2009 and started doing antique flea markets (IE Rose Bowl in Pasadena and The Long Beach Flea Market) which takes more upper body strength than one would think. Next was the Fancy Disaster store-front in Oct 2009. I made it 2 years before realizing that I missed the faced-paced world of fashion. I closed the shop & added a by-appointment-only studio space in Oct 2011. I do all my sewing, steaming, photo prep work for the web and the occasional trunk show out of the studio. I couldn't be happier.  
Our lives change with every year, Kiki got married April 2012 and now lives in Austin TX. That girl needs to stop moving so far away but we are and will forever be the OG Fancy Disasters! 
Please join our style-family.